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My name is Shawn Matthews and I provide companies and organizations of all sizes with R.O.I. driven creative ideation, direction & execution.

Full NameShawn Matthews

BirthdayMarch 27. 1971

Lives inSpringfield, Missouri


I am an entretourist from Springfield, Missouri with a background in music, entertainment, marketing and branding. I am the Chief Creative Officer for a hybrid digital agency called Tractive West. In addition to creating our own products, I help clients solve business problems with strategic ROI driven ideation, creative direction and execution. At my core I am a connector, storyteller, promoter, agitator and disruptor. I am very involved in promoting my city, specifically the rejuvenation of our downtown business corridor. As co-founder of The Creative Foundry, a 2800 sq. ft. purpose built co-working center in Southwest Missouri, we are addressing issues of economic development such as promoting the need for affordable fiber internet for small businesses. As founder of Create Springfield, a think tank chartered with task of promoting, attracting and fostering creative professionals here in Southwest Missouri, I am frequently engaged with civic, business and creative leaders in our community to address issues of professional development.

Skill Set.

Creative Direction + Creative Strategy + Visual Thinking + Brand Storytelling + Logo Design + Creative Development + Marketing Campaigns + Audio & Video Production + Fundraising + Project Budgeting + Team Building + Business Plan Writing + Graphic Design + Content Production + Publicity.


My credits include projects for Odesk, American Dehydrated Foods, Rembrant Foods, Askinosie Chocolate, Wikipedia, Fox Television Studios, Universal Pictures and MTV.


I consider myself to be an entretourist, or someone who isn’t location dependent. The future of work will include a blend of coworking, travel, experience driven adventures, food and building virtual teams to deliver high quality, value rich deliverables to clients by using sites like oDesk.


Nerdiculture is a phenomenon indigenous to the Ozarks, dating back as far as the late 1800's and is birthed from the confluence of design, music, technology, creative commerce and agriculture all seamlessly woven into the fabric of our local culture. Farmers who love sci-fi and video games, designers who are enthralled with aquaponics, vegetarians who hunt, atheists and Christians living in harmony, musicians who start food trucks and so on. This is Nerdiculture.